The Team

Commsolar – Key Personnel

Daniel Cobb – CSA(Cert) MAICD – Managing Director

Daniel Cobb is the joint Managing Director of Commsolar Pty Ltd and its holding company Clean Energy Enterprises Pty Ltd. Daniel has overseen the organic growth and acquisition of the brands and businesses in the Clean Energy Enterprises Group. The Group’s brands and businesses collectively have installed more Solar Panels in Australia than any other business or organisation ( 1.4 million solar panels have been installed over a 14 year period).

Since 2009 Commsolar has been Australia’s most respected a EPC and Commercial Solar business and in 2011 completed 64% of all Solar PV installations over 30kw in Australia. It is responsible for one of the largest development pipelines of Solar Farms and Solar Power Stations in Australia, much of that pipeline developed under the leadership of Daniel.

Daniel leads the development and financing of the groups Large Scale Commercial Solar and Clean Energy Infrastructure projects.

Anwar Mohammed – Chief Technical Officer

Anwar has over 15 years’ experience in developing and implementing energy projects in Australia. He has had the opportunity to work on some of the most iconic solar projects that have been delivered in Australia to date. Over the years he has developed a diverse portfolio of solar projects for investors, developers, utilities, government and corporate clients. Projects have included grid connected including utility scale solar power plants, solar grid battery, stand alone and hybrid power systems.

He has a particular interest in energy storage technologies and has served on energy storage committees globally and locally. With a background in mathematics and physics, with, he possesses very strong analytical skills, and a solid grasp of the technical challenges that are required to be overcome in order to deliver projects on time, on budget and in accordance with regulatory codes and relevant Australian and International Standards. He also has considerable experience in working with utility companies to ensure that the systems comply with technical requirements to connect solar systems to their networks as well as comply with protection requirements.

Alan West – External Consultant

Alan is one of the most experienced people in Australia working in the solar sector. He is experienced in developing both stand alone and grid connected photovoltaic solar systems. His key strengths are in analysing engineering problems and resolving potential difficulties. His educational background is electrical engineering, computer science, electronics and renewable energy.

He is a CEC accredited, and currently part of the CEC Standards, Training and accreditation committee.

Hammad Khan – Project Manager

Hammad has considerable experience in electrical engineering projects for mining and defence based organizations. Prior to joining the team at Commsolar, he was team leader of Smart Grid Project at University of Western Australia as well as lecturing on Power Electronics and Power Systems both at graduate and post graduate levels.

A highly skilled individual, he has in depth knowledge of power system generation, transmission & distribution, power system protection, power system network planning and analysis. He has significant experience in power system engineering, having had the opportunity to work on many major power systems projects that included 450MW combined cycle power plant near Cape Preston, Western Australia. He has also worked on solar projects for BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto.

He is also working towards his PhD, with his thesis on Control of Distributed Renewable Generation Sources for the Realisation of Virtual Power Plants which he is aiming to complete by July 2013. He also has numerous publications in many prestigious journals on power systems and renewable energy. He has B.Eng (Hons) degree from University of South Australia.

Lauren Moon – Project Engineer

Mechanical Lauren is detail oriented, with highly developed problem solving skills, in particular relating to mechanical mounting systems for solar modules. She has a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours from Australian National University, where she majored in Mechanical, Material Systems and Sustainable Energy Systems in 2012. Her honours thesis was on Electrospun N-type Cobaltite Nanostructured Fibres for Thermoelectric Applications.

She has had the opportunity to gather practical experience outside of university during her time both as student engineer in the civil engineering department of Baw Baw Shire Council. She also undertook a work experience placement with a solar company in Canberra.

As a keen new recruit to the Commsolar team, Lauren is in charge of developing mechanical solutions tailored to individual projects; enabling her to draw on her real world experience and interest in mechanical systems while also allowing her to work in the industry she is truly passionate about. While new to the industry she already has an impressive portfolio of solar projects to which she has contributed.

Wencong Zhang – Project Engineer

Structural Wencong has a background in the construction industry, specializing in structural systems. He has a Master of Engineering from Australian National University, where he achieved high distinction. He majored in Mechanical Design and Mechanics. He plays a critical role in the team, by contributing the structural analysis to ensure that the loads imposed on structural subsystems are correctly distributed. This is particularly relevant when designing systems in tropical regions prone to cyclones to ensure compliance with AS1170.

He is also responsible for the calculations involved in ascertain the dynamic wind load on arrays as per AS1170. A highly innovative individual, he is adept at breaking a problem down into its component parts and developing practical solutions to complex problems.

Tom Dretvic – Site Manager

Tom is a highly experienced electrical contractor who has been in the industry for over a decade. For the last 4 years, he has been working in the solar industry and has successfully realized several hundred solar installations across the commercial and residential sectors.

He is highly experienced in managing installation teams and coordinating construction sites. In addition he is adept at trouble shooting having utilized many different module and inverter technologies. He is also responsible for OHS, and ensures that all contractors are inducted on site prior to commencing work.

Sherridan Skinner – Operations Administrator/Co-ordinator

Project Cost Analyst Sherridan has a degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Swinburne University, Victoria. Over the last 10 years, she has been working as a cost estimator, specialising in switchboards and switchgear. She also has considerable experience in equipment for hazardous areas as well as the construction industry.
As cost estimator, she has the technical knowledge and ability to find the best solution for your project, thereby ensuring the best possible value for money in every project by sourcing the best products without compromising quality in every situation.
Being highly analytical, with a natural aptitude for numbers, she ensures that the cost databases are kept up to date as well as tracking project cost during the construction period, ensuring budgets are maintained.

State Representatives

Nicole Foley– Victoria
Jim Drake – South Australia
Robbie Filliponi – Queensland
Fadi Hage – New South Wales
Simon Moore – Western Australia