Planet Ark

Planet Ark Park Power System Upgrade (NSW) Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains


The project brief was to design, supply and install a power system upgrade and existing power system to deliver extra capacity of minimum 8kWh and average of 15kWh of energy usage per day, and a 9kW continuous power supply for the operations of the Planet Ark Park Blue Mountains office and call centre. Planet Ark operations were growing, and the existing renewable energy system was not suitable for the new energy demand.


Solar Shop Australia used its design experience and expertise to increase the solar power capacity of the existing solar array by 3.6kW using ground mounted adjustable racks, and integrate the existing solar panels into array. New inverter and battery infrastructure was incorporated into the design. Backup generator capacity was overhauled and given auto start capacity. This installation was coordinated from the Adelaide branch, with a specialist team of South Australian Solar Shop Australia installers conducting the majority of the works.


Follow-up servicing and system support has been a feature of the relationship between Solar Shop Australia and the client. The park and office space is now being developed to accommodate more corporate tenants, and energy demand is projected to increase. Approval has been granted for a further system expansion of the power system with a budget of approx $400,000, inclusive of another 19kW of AC-coupled PV capacity and more than 10kW of increased inverter capacity and 134kWh of battery capacity.


The logistics of interstate installation capacity at a time when remote power systems were only deliverable from SA pushed Solar Shop Australia to develop project management systems that became the template for its following expansion into new markets, and delivery of remote area power supplies into Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.


This project demonstrates that Solar Shop Australia has the capacity to deliver long-term solutions to its clients, no matter the location.


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