Department for Transport Energy and Infrastructure

Solar Tram Shelters (SA) Adelaide

The project brief was to design, supply and install a photovoltaic power system for the 2007 Adelaide Tram Line Extension ProjectTram Shelters, with a time constraint of completion by November 2007. Solar Shop Australia saw this as a unique opportunity to introduce to the Australian market the amorphous see-through photovoltaic technology as a superior building integrated solution.


Consultations began in December 2006 with key stakeholders and project consultants: Taylor Cullity and Lethlean (design), DTEI major projects directorate (principal project managers), Dryden Crute (industrial design) and Kaneka corporation (solar module manufacturers) in Japan and Mitsui Australia (the local import export company).


Long lead times and critical structural design requirements brought the project critical path forward by more than six months. Solar Shop Australia managed this process through all stakeholder issues through design, preparing key suppliers for special orders, whilst managing open communication to achieve a successful project outcome.


Solar Shop Australia was engaged for the provision of and electrical installation of 200 Kaneka See Through Photovoltaic (STPV) modules at the five new tram shelters and 5 SunnyBoy grid connected solar inverters, working under sub contract to AdShel, the subcontractor tasked with the design and construction of these structures, with works commencing in September.


Working in the heart of the Adelaide CBD and a constraint on electrical works during daylight hours brought new challenges to the Solar Shop Australia installation team. Solar Shop Australia negotiated a work plan that included electrical contractors working weekend nights.


The Job was completed on time and on budget. This project demonstrates that Solar Shop Australia can successfully manage complex and challenging technical building integrated renewable energy system works and facilitate multi-stakeholder outcomes.


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