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In 2009, Commsolar and their partners installed Australia’s largest solar system onto the rooftop of theWayville Showgrounds. The 1 megawatt installation was the nation’s first industrial-scale PV plant in its class and used new thin-film technology —12,720 panels in all.


Australia’s largest solar installation

Between May 2009 and August 2009, Commsolar designed and installed the impressive 1-megawatt rooftop solar power plant. All aspects of the historic project were completed successfully, including coordinating delivery of the cutting-edge panel technology.

The site is now live and generating power. It produces more than 1400 megawatt-hours annually, and offsets approximately 1400 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.


Flexible and effective project management

The Showgrounds receives more than a million visitors each year, and is one of South Australia’s busiest venues. As such, all works had to be conducted around their ongoing program. Our project team worked within these restrictions, without disrupting either scheduled events or planned works—completing the job two months ahead of schedule and on budget.

Throughout the duration, the Commsolar team worked closely with the client and stakeholders to ensure the overwhelming success of the project.


Strategic partnerships

This project was the completed as an alliance between Commsolar and Built Environs, an award-winning building and engineering firm. Commsolar sourced the panels from First Solar, one of the largest PV manufacturers in the world.


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