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Monash University
Berwick Campus



Monash University is an organisation committed to leading innovation and best practice in sustainability. This includesincorporatingenvironmental and social responsibility considerations into all aspects of the University’s procurement policies, strategies and methodologies. Through the procurement process the University aims to reduce waste, energy green house gas emissions and water.


As the principle contractor, commsolar used its design experience and installation expertise to work with the University to design & install over 1500 thin film PV panels across the 10 roofs on 3 buildings. Other key elements of the system include a Benchmarking area displaying 5 different PV panel technologies on adjustable tilt frames for student evaluations, a weather station, and a public display function with a monitor in the main foyer showing system performance & weather condition.


The project scheduling was adjusted to suit exam timetabling to ensure minimum disruptions to students completing their end of year exams.


Commsolar continues to drive and to develop its capabilities to expand into new markets. The experience of developing innovative solutions for large installations for high profile clients, such as Monash University is a strategy that will be replicated in other markets in Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia.
This project demonstrates that commsolar, as a principle contractor, has the capacity to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to its clients with minimum disruption to the client’s normal activities.







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