Clean Energy Enterprises Pty Ltd owns and operates the Solarshop, Commsolar, Commercial Power Solutions and Premier Solar Project’s brands. These iconic brands have dominated the roll out of Solar Power systems across Australia since 1999. Collectively, these iconic brands have installed more Solar Panels and generated more Solar Power than any other company in Australia’s history.


Commsolar is dedicated to projects that implement the world’s best practice in design and delivery.

Our philosophy is based on creating the best possible renewable energy solutions, tailored to each client’s unique site considerations, and measured against actual delivered power and energy-per-dollar-spent.

Collaboration is at the heart of this methodology, and our project team works with clients, partners and suppliers to deliver outstanding results.


Commsolar’s experienced project managers and engineers are involved from the feasibility stage through to project execution and completion. They focus on planning down to the smallest level of detail, with particular attention paid to the interface between head contractor and management of the project schedule. This ensures that every commitment is realised on time, often exceeding client expectations.

Our team members have a diverse range of experience, from delivering multi-megawatt solar projects in Europe to designing remote power stations in rural Australia.


Large-scale projects require a wide range of expertise, and Commsolar’s team often manages the recruitment and development of specialised partnerships for a project. This has previously included construction and engineering firms, property groups, architects and finance advisors.

These partnerships are often formed in the concept or pre-tender stages, with a thorough understanding of end-user needs always driving the approach. Excellence in managing projects from concept to completion, with the input of multiple stakeholders and project partners, is one of Commsolar’s hallmarks.


We also recognise the need for flexibility, and do not commit to any one particular supplier or technology. In the last calendar year alone, our group has deployed more than nine photovoltaic module technologies (from seven of the world’s leading manufacturers) to rooftops and ground-based ‘free-field’ sites around Australia.

Nevertheless, our established connections with domestic and international suppliers is one of Commsolar’s greatest strengths. Our long-term research and development programs have resulted in strong relationships, and have reduced the cost of cutting-edge systems for our clients without compromising quality.


Commsolar’s specialised project team—with support of the Solar Shop Australia Group and their established partners and supplier networks—has capacity, experience and knowledge unrivalled in Australasia.